Astronomy: At Play in the Cosmos

In every chapter, author Adam Frank interviews two scientists and infuses the prose with their quotations and anecdotes, a journalistic style that keeps students engaged and reading. Section Summaries review important concepts and serve as a study guide for each chapter, while a Running Glossary provides definitions to boldface terms in the margins for easy reference. 

“I like how he brings into the mix real people in Astronomy and how they work and think … I think that might help keep students reading the material.”
— Michael Frey, Cypress College
“The writing style is one of the best I have read. I have done review of physics, astronomy, and earth sciences books, and by far this author has been one of the most pleasant I have encountered.”
— Celso Batalha, Evergreen Valley College
“I enjoyed the writing style of basing it around interviews with current astronomers. It reads like an article of a pop-sci magazine, but much more in-depth.”
— Andrew Fittingoff, Peralta Community College
“[...] with the incorporation of scientists’ voices, it was more like storytelling than what I am used to from other books. That kept it interesting. Hearing from scientists directly also humanizes the science, which I think is a good thing.”
— Julia Kregenow, Pennsylvania State University